"When life is measured in moments and share everyday experiences with the people who matter most, often feel human frailty factors you can not control"
? The company SDAV Systems aware of the danger of the use as pedestrian routes on which inevitably have to cross traffic lanes of vehicles, pedestrian crossings where there is a lack of visibility, or high-risk areas such as the outputs car parks, has set up a new system. Read More:

"Walking down the street can become a chain of unexpected events, where fear and insecurity seize those moments where life hangs whimsical desire destiny"

The development of civilization around the invention of the automobile in 1885 and the creation of areas of high concentration of people, such as cities, has caused a real headache for designers of spaces of coexistence between people and vehicles

There has been a major leap in the automotive industry, it has become a medium that constantly seeks improvement in active and passive safety, investing large amounts of money or resources in research, has resulted in a steady progress in safety equipment, which have substantially improved accident statistics.

Even so, the countless victims of trafficking have revealed that a problem, so far, reached unresolved: traffic safety of persons and vehicles in urban areas.

People who travel on foot, are the weakest element of the movement. Our body is our body. Any technical or human error in the operation of a vehicle causing a collision with a person has very serious consequences for the pedestrian.

If technology insists on creating perfect objects and insurance have to be to get to get the pedestrian safety has increasingly and that the risks arising from their attitude or drivers, can become minimized technological control.


SDAV Systems The company consists of a team that is aware of the danger of the use as pedestrian routes on which inevitably have to cross traffic lanes of vehicles, pedestrian crossings where there is a lack of visibility, or areas high risk as are the outputs of parkings, has implemented a new system that does the same function as the bridge across a river, where the pedestrian that structure or device used to pass safely and tranquility.

To that end, it has invested in the development of a technological product that acts directly in the conflict zone, attacking the visibility factor. This uses electronic and mechanical components to support the coexistence of people and vehicles and above all, to provide a shield of protection for pedestrians, making it, involuntarily and without having to use any action, part of the effectiveness system.

The system, consisting of some detectors, installed on either side of the pedestrian crossing, activate a lighting system that alerts drivers of vehicles of the presence of pedestrians, as he prepares to cross the roadway.

1 The pedestrian is crossing the path of movement by the pedestrian is detected by a detection system is installed invisible inside each of the four bollards conveniently located on the same ramp Pass pedestrians.
2 Automatically, you sent an activation signal to alert mechanisms such as beacons lighting, panels or lights.
3 Drivers of vehicles visually alert activation of these luminous points, which can detect the presence of a pedestrian although not within his field of vision.
4 conveniently programmed timers to control the time it takes to cross the pedestrian in the crosswalk, lighting indicators remain activated until the pedestrian has crossed the track.

.... Our company needs and seeks the cooperation of other companies that aim, innovation as key to the development of breakthrough technologies that allow gradually building a network of traffic coexistence more respectful of the environment and one's individual.




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SDAV detection device, a utility model is certified Spanish Patent and Trademark Office with the Ministry of Industry No.. Publication 1069667, whose purpose, improving safety at crosswalks, avoiding maximum possible abuses. Particularly applies to those in which the lack of visibility for vehicles parked or climatic causes, make them particularly dangerous.
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